Andrej Hruška / theOvocnicek

Andrej Hruška / theOvocnicek producing and composing music
Photo by Dominik Janovský

Andrej Hruška is a music producer, composer, music engineer and guitar player. He studied sound and picture technics and took classes of jazz and tonal harmony in Music school.

In 2003 he gained the main award with the band Sisa’s food in the competition New faces of Slovak jazz. This success opened the door on the stage of Jazz festival in Bratislava where he played multiple times.

With a drummer Marián Slávka & bass player Filip Hittrich they started a band M.A.F. trio. They recorded an instrumental album called “…stlač, stlač, nahrávaš?”. Later the band recorder another album together under the name Žena s ovocím.

Since 2007 Andrej was a cofounder of Littlebeat studio with Martin “Maxo” Šrámek. He worked as a musician, producer, arranger and mixing technician. He had a chance to work with many musicians like Celeste Buckingham, Klára Vytisková, Andrej Šeban, Ľubor Priehradník, Dan Bárta, Lucie Bíla, Lenny, Zdenka Predná, Katarína Knechtová and others.

Later he became a founder of his own company producing, composing and arranging music with various artists like Zuzana Mikulcová, Nela Pocisková, Gigi Ann, Luci, Samuel Hošek and others.

He co-produced the award winning record “Postalgia” by Katarína Málinová as well as the record “Dievca” and latest record “Fúzie” by Zuzana Mikulcová. Together with Filip Hittrich he mixed the album “ŽIJUTĚ” by Beata Hlavenková. Andrej produced the debuting single “Devil in Disguise” by Gigi Ann which won the UK Songwriting Contest 2022 award for the category below 18 years old. In 2023 the song “Conversation with her” by Gigi Ann and produced by Andrej won the HOFA College song contest in the pop category.

Even now Andrej Hruška / theOvocnicek is working on something fruity so stay tuned.